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PD is an online Directory for Maori & Pacific Islander owned business helping consumers find your business quicker & easier in one dedicated space. 

The directory will fill a crucial gap in the Australian & Pacific markets as well as the global market, allowing for more choice for consumers, while also allowing business owners to showcase their offerings and, ultimately, expand their presence on the local & international market. See our ”About” page via ‘Meet the Network’ tab for more details.

Go to “Add Listing” & select which plan you would like to opt for. We have 3x different plan options: 

a) Emerging/Basic; great for startups who just want to get their business out there for exposure & help drive more customers to their business or and/or those who just love what we are doing and want to be part of it.

b) Standard; for businesses that have been out there for at least 12 months and on their way to building more traction but want more exposure to a wider audience & connect with others on here.

c) Business Class; those who are well on their way & have been in business for awhile and/or those who just want to enjoy all the benefits & perks of ‘Business Class”

*please note all business must be a legal entity & registered business before they can be listed on the Directory

The Claim Now allows a user to establish the ownership of a business by verifying with the site-admin. Once successfully claimed, the business owner gets a Claimed badge by verifying and establishing their identity as the business owner. They also get the amazing options of the Directory platform ‘dashboard’ and get the most out of the directory.

Logo Images and Logo on header

The recommended size for logo icon is: 32×3264×64128×128

The recommended size for logo images on header is: 268×38

All private or government organisations interested in procurement of products on the Directory can send an email directly to the Business owner or contact us via the ‘Contact’ tab

Being listed on Pacific Direct does not automatically guarantee sales but can improve your business visibility and help customers, potential buyers find you more easily.

Pacific Direct is more of a marketing tool and networking platform that consumers can use to search for goods and services more easily and quickly.

That’s Awesome if you do & we recommend you keep using those platforms. 

We created the Directory site purely out of frustration of not being able to find Maori & Pacific Business easily or quickly. Having to trawl through the Facebook & IG pages was very time consuming so we thought if we are finding it hard then how many others are feeling the same so the Directory idea was born. A dedicated space where you only had to search in one spot & save time.

We also wanted to support, connect & shine a spotlight on all Pacific Business around the globe not just locally. Being aware of what Pacific Business are out there also gives the Communities a chance to support each other and celebrate each business success no matter what stage they are at or where they are located.

Covid19 really hit a lot of Business hard with many having to close. This is one way to ensure we have the platform to support from afar & everyone have a more global reach should another pandemic happen.


Each level of membership comes with free access to the Pacific Business Networks Membership (Meet the Network)

You will also be invited to join our private Facebook group and receive invitations to our member-only events, have the opportunity to participate in our Pacific Trade Expos, and receive discounted tickets to all our events.

If you have subscribed to our email list you will also get priority notifications on any upcoming events, discounts from other Pacific Business offerings & more whether it’s local or global you will be kept in the loop! 

If all of your business details have been entered on the application for registration, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your listing has been approved and your business’ profile will go live on Directory immediately.

This may happen if the registration of your business is missing some details. We will contact you and advise you of what is required to complete the registration process.

*please note your business must be a legal entity and registered business.

The Advantage of being on the PBN Directory is that our directory not only lists local & national Business but our reach is also global.

Use the content on your profile to market or “sell” your business effectively. Doing so makes it more likely that customers will:

1)  find your business on the directory, and/or

2)  decide to purchase your goods or services directly from your website

You don’t have to, but we highly recommend you do. Adding pictures helps with the branding of your business, and potential customers will want to see your products or the end results of your services before purchasing.

We want you to showcase the BEST you can so you & your Business THRIVES & SUCCEEDS! After all we are ALL IN with you on your journey here! 

Upload photos that show your business off! If you sell products, upload pictures that show just how amazing your products are. If you are a service provider, upload pictures that show the great results you’ve achieved for your previous customers.

Remember what picture is going to get customers wanting to buy from you or hire you? If you need help in deciding why not ask our PBN members in our Facebook group chat. 

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